licensing strategy

Our Strategy Approach

  • We take a deep dive into industry trends and your brand
  • We present you options and ideas for growth:
    • Grounded in insights
    • Unique and sustainable (white space)
    • Impactful (fewer, bigger, better)
  • We help you prioritize opportunities and build consensus internally

Preparing for Execution

  • We give you a roadmap for execution based on your plans and goals
  • We specialize in finding partners to help you innovate at lower cost/risk

Partner Solicitation

27,000 + Contacts

With established industry-wide relationships spanning hundreds of consumer product categories, we quickly secure the best partner to put your strategy into action.

Proprietary Database

Finding the right partner doesn’t have to tie up your team. Our database of manufacturers, brands, and retailers means we identify and secure the brands and IP that best fit your goals.

Proven Sales Team

Knowing the right person to call is just the beginning. Our team solicits the right partners on your behalf, negotiates terms, and oversees the drafting and completion of agreements.


Licensing Partner Solicitation

Program Management

Program Management

IMC’s program management team works closely with our partners to make sure every dollar is accounted for and that all partners are in full compliance with their agreements. Our meticulous attention to detail enhances the long-term value of programs and ensures that products and campaigns reach their full potential.