Top 5 things licensing agents are worried about this holiday season

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  1. Are licensee's products selling?
    Many of our licensing programs are seasonal, and a program's overall success may heavily depend on the results of the holiday season. While we work very closely with our licensees to prepare for the holidays, we are always worrying about their performance and wondering if we could have done something different. Planning is the key! We make sure we are working with both licensees and licensors to plan promotions and new product SKUs.
  2. Is the outstanding contract going to be signed before year end? Please be signed before the holiday break!
    While we are fortunate to work in an industry that typically takes off the week between Christmas and New Years, we do feel the end of the year crunch from Thanksgiving through mid-December. Vacation schedules get crazy, and everyone is trying to get last minute projects complete. We are just hoping legal has time to review and sign-off on one more contract. Nothing feels better than writing your OOO message after getting signatures on a deal you have been working on for weeks.
  3. We need to finalize the 2018 set as soon as everyone gets back from break.
    I feel like my calendar is at a minimum three months ahead, while it's only December as I write this, we are already past Q1 in my brain’s calendar. From a work perspective, we are never living in the moment. As holiday 2017 is in full swing, I can't help but start planning and worrying about holiday 2018. As I said above, planning is key. I am continually asking myself, “What can we learn about 2017 to make 2018 better?”
  4. Are retail sales still declining, how are we going to change our retail strategy for 2018?The retail landscape is still shifting. We wouldn't say traditional retail is dead, but it is different. How people shop has changed, and we need to make adjustments for this, especially during this critical holiday season. Have you searched, "Gift Guide 2017"? It's crazy how many gift guides are out there and how much influence websites and bloggers have on holiday shopping. While I don't have a crystal ball, I am sure e-sales are only going to continue to grow this holiday season.
  5. Have I finished my holiday shopping?
    I should probably finish this blog post and get shopping! I don't have my shopping done, and I am running out of time to purchase gifts online.
Emily Wickerham

About Author: Emily Wickerham

Vice President, ensuring that our clients are in good hands Emily has helped launch over 50 new products into the marketplace through her work with CPG brands, such as Kraft Foods, Wrigley, TABASCO, S.C. Johnson and Chiquita. She has extensive product development and royalty accounting experience and advises clients on brand strategy direction, marketing execution, trademarks and quality control issues.